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Setting up Cougar tent in windforce 6. The Cougar tent is specially designed as a portable and easy deployable maintenance shelter for Cougar Helicopters and F16 fighter jets.

Setting up a Mass Decon System. An Airshelter Inflatable tent together with all necessary equipment.


Demonstration, introduction and delivery of a mass decon system to Nordrhein Westfalen fire brigade.

Setting up an Airshelter XI in only a few minutes!


Setting up the largest Maintenance Shelter (Airshelter) in the World.

Part 1.

Part 2.


A simple animation on how to setup a typical mass decontamination system.


Small movie on Mass Decontamination.


Decontamination Container


Airshelter floor


Soyuz landing in Kazakhstan


Rescue Cushion setup within 30 seconds


Decon cabin 200 setup


NBC WCS decontamination water collection system on flat rack container


Leopard driving through decontamination basin


Inflatable tent setup Airshelter III


ACD - Inflatable tent Airshelter X


Inflatable tent Airshelter III Accesories


Expandable frame shelter Euroshelter VII


Decontamination basin pressure control system check WCS


Decontamination basin for Leopard II tank


Comprehensive compound initial base camp

Aufblasbares Zelt Aufbau Airshelter IV feuerwehr Hamburg


Unloading flat rack container NBC WCS decontamination container ACD


Military decontamination Airshelter IV ACD


Inside Inflatable tent Airshelter MKII


Inflatable Decontamination cabin DC200 setup


Hazmat shower with inflatable basin decontamination set up

Container to container roof


Airshelter walkthrough


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Quality standards

ACD Shelter Techniek is focused to maintain high standards of quality. ACD Shelter Solutions complies with international quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110.

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UNGM reg nr. 213029