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Since 1990 ACD Shelter techniek has set the standard for rescue shelters. Today ACD has the widest range of rapid deployable Air Shelters (Airshelter). Together with the expandable frame Shelters (Euroshelter) our tents can be used in any critical situation where time is of importance. Our shelters have served as field hospital, command post, triage, first aid post, decontamination system, tactical maintenance shelter, or any other emergency station.

Our customers are looking for a turnkey solutions, we offer them a wide range of accessories with our tents: carriage trolley, heater, lighting, ECU environmental control unit, Environmental Control Unit (ECU): heater, HVAC, A/C air-conditioning, Air filtration Unit (AFU), toilet, medical equipment, beds, generator, transport trailer, electric cabling, lighting, sluice/airlock.