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News 2010

Together with Dönges GmbH & Co in Remscheid, Germany we particpated in an advertisement. This add was published in Feuerwehr Magazin, a leading periodical for German Firemen. advertisement airshelter trendline


November 27. 2010, ACD took part in a large excercise in Utrecht, the Netherlands. ACD supplied a mass decon system, shelters and equipment to the UMC Fireservice. Fireservices, Ambulances, University Hospital Utrecht and Central Military Hospital excercised on a multiple collision involving a tank truck with ammonia rolled over, contaminating many (injured) people.

The emergency hospital is equiped for about 300 casualties. Hundreds of volunteers participated in this excercise.


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Some links (in dutch) about this excercise;




Initial Base ModuleInitial Base ModuleThursday 18 november ACD presents itself to the visitors of the 22nd NIDV Industry Exhibtion. As a finalist in the Innovation Game 2010 you can find us near the entry to the conference room. We will be there to inform you about the Initial Base Module and of course more.

You will recognize us by the banners left and right.


acd china teamThe ACD China team had a very good time at the 14th International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference and Exposition in Beijing.

It happened again... just like two years ago. All of a sudden, during the night, the ground just dissappeared..


At 12 seconds an Airhshelter IV is shown. Fire services throughout the world use Airshelters as a easy and fast to setup shelter.


ACD Shelter Techniek visited the Interschutz Fair in Leipzig this year. Together with our partner Doenges GmbH, we had a very good fair with lots of interested visitors.

Interschutz overview ACD stand 1Interschutz overview ACD stand 2