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ACD Shelter techniek designs and manufacture high performance portable buildings. The unique design and construction of our buildings gives them the unrivalled portability and speed of deployment of an inflatable combined with the strength and rigidity of a metal framed structure. The ACD team has specialised in aeronautical fabric engineering for 2 decades. ACD was founded in 1990 with a simple philosophy which still applies today. We want to satisfy the customer's need for reliable, instantly assembled shelters, giving them a solution that is competitive in every respect.
Our continuous research and development efforts will ensure that our products stay ahead in technology through the 21st century Depending on the product type all our products are either high frequency welded or vulcanized.
Instead of using rigid poles made out of aluminium or wood the air shelter tents are having inflatable arches or beams. Different techniques make arches inflatable and air tight.

  • Continuous inflated air shelters
  • Semi inflatable air shelters
  • Inflatable double tube arches
  • Inflatable single tube arches

ACD diseña y fabrica grandes estructuras hinchables portátiles de alto rendimiento.  El diseño y construcción exclusivo de nuestras estructuras hinchables, les da una portabilidad y velocidad de despliegue inigualable, en combinación con sus estructuras metálicas de gran dureza y resistencia.

ACD está especializada en la ingeniería de carpas desde 1990.

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Apache in Airshelter ISO view Airshelter Setup 4
Airshelter Frame Apache in Airshelter front