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Hazmat Showers

Portable and quickly installed
The single person shower system enables preliminary washing on site. They are easy to transport and can be quickly installed without the need for tools.
The system is available as a compact Decon cabin, complete with an inflatable frame, basin and curtains or a stainless steel decontamination shower.

  • Decontamination shower hazmat shower ACD112Hazmat Shower ACD112
  • Decontamination shower for larger groups, erected in 15 sec.
  • Safe and efficiënt washing persons wearing chemical suits. 9 special spraying nozzles.
  • Capacity: 50 l/min. at 7 Bar.
  • Material: fully stainless steel
  • Length: 114cm, Width: 64cm, Heigth: 210cm, Weigth: 22kg