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Until now there was a severe gap in the rescue of individual contaminated persons, e.g. after a hazard involving toxic materials: The injured person firstly had to be evacuated from the danger zone before being provisionally decontaminated, for instance by being sprayed down with water using a fire-fighting hose, even at low temperatures. Only after that can first aid be provided.

Such scenarios are no longer necessary:

With the DRDS 1 (rescue and decontamination set for one person), we are proud to present the world’s first logical overall concept which not only makes the work of fire-fighters and first responders considerably easier, but above all enables patients to be rescued in a more humane manner through professional decontamination.


Advantages at a glance:

1. First aid on site without delay.

2. Rapid and safe removal of toxic materials.

3. Protection against further contamination.

4. Easy rotation even of heavy persons

5. Versatility

6. Great efficiency – small size

7. Standardized safety

8. Flexibility