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As part of our Mass Decon system we have the Patient Decontamination also called decontamination of disabled people, non-ambulant people or injured victim decontamination. Designed for use in emergency and to operate during critical circumstances.
One of the decon lanes of the integrated shower system of the decontamination tent can be equipped for patient decontamination. For this purpose (mostly the middle) lane of the shower tent is made wider and a conveyor belt is added.

Because the integrated shower system, including the curtains separating the different lanes, is part of the tent, the mass decon system is very easy and fast deployed.

  • Can be installed in any integrated shower system
  • Capacity 12 persons/hour/lane
  • Lane divided into 3 sections reception, shower, inspection area
  • 2 shower pistols and or brushes hanging from the top on spiral hoses
  • Portable thermostatically controlled water Heating
  • Optional conveyor belt, casualty board