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Mass Decontamination

Our Shower Tent System provides a fast, efficient and effective way to protect and decontaminate people. Especially designed for use in any emergency or disaster, and in any situation where time or manpower is of critical importance.

Easy to use lightweight inflatable Airshelter tent

  • Preinstalled intergraded shower systems.
  • System set up in less than 15 minutes
  • Capacity up to 120 persons/hour.
  • Tent divided into 3 sections undress, shower, dress area
  • Max 6 Showers area's
  • portable thermostatically controlled water Heating
  • Optional on lane for disabled/injured people on conveyor belt
  • Several tent sizes
  • Very low transport packing volume and weight
The system is installed in a 20' ISO container or trailer with a roll-on frame. It has its own power supply and is suitable for transportation on all vehicles with their own roll-on system. which is for the decontamination of civilians in case of a terrorist attack using CWA agents
  • Fast set-up time in less than 25 min.
  • Fresh water tank 3000 Litre
  • Indoor warm water installation
  • 1 or 2 TrendLine tents with a total of 2 to 4 decontamination lines
  • Capacity 120 to 240 persons/hour
  • Capacity decontaminating injured people:15 persons/hour
  • All necessary accessories: Heating and lighting conveyor belts.
  • Int. & Ex. waste water pumps and tank for the collection of contaminated shower water
  • Disposable clothes and towels for 200 pers.
The Mass Decontamination system 433C is designed for the simultaneous decontamination of two lines of people. In case of serious injury, casualties on stretchers can be led through the decontamination system. The heated air and clean water supply will enter the tent in the opposite direction of the decontamination flow.

Fields of use: Decontamination, Dress and undress area

Technical Specifications
 Type  ACD art. no.  Description
Airshelter IV AIR200-4 Inflatableshelter (by BA cylinder or blower)
Integrated Shower AFW114A Waiting, undress, shower, dress, checking compartments
FKC Fluidbag 500 AFW120A Foldable reservoir for clean water or waste water
Hydrophor pump AFZ710 Water supply pump, providing pressure to the system
Hotbox 200 ACD200 Water heating, automatically controlled temperature
Inducer ACD201 For the accurate mixing of decontaminants
Blower F AIR447 Inflating and deflating of large air structures
AIR 30 Heater AIR500-30 Providing heated air to the shelter
Wastepump AFZ720 Drainage of decontamination wastewater into a reservoir

Mass Decon System 433C
ACD has been awarded the BBK (Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe) Bund Dekon P Project.

Following items will be delivered:

  • DC160 Einpersonenduschkabine: 380 x 200 x 260 cm
  • RS25 Aufenthaltszelt: 5 x 5 m
  • RS15 Duschzelt: 3 x 5 m
ResqShelter RS15
ResQshelter RS15
ResQshelter RS25
ResQshelter RS25
DC160 Einpersonenduschkabine
DC160 Einpersonenduschkabine


  • According to Drinking water regulations. All hoses, couplings and nozzles according to the German drinking water standard DVGW "Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches"
  • Curtain liner can be exchanged and taken away without tools.
  • Integrated gloves on one side, second person can help with cleaning.
  • Easy changeable gloves
  • Elevated bottom beam for closer standing of helping person
  • Easy closure of entry with magnets
  • Red, Green coloured entries (Red zone, Clean zone)
  • Fast deployable, inflatable frame
  • Inflation by blower, compressor or Air Cylinder (BA Cylinder)
  • Overpressure valve Standard
  • Extra drop off basin