Collective protection also known as Colpro are systems consisting of shelters which have a special outer cover with chemical warfare agent resistant fabric. The air inside the tent is treated with an ECU (Environmental Climate Unit) including an Air filter unit AFU. Positive pressure ensures a entirely toxic free area TFA inside the shelter. Our standard CBRN Over-Pressure Protection Tent is designed to protect against Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Contamination and supplies filtered air for up to 6 people.

The chemical resistant cover fabric Airtex 420 will protect the inside of the tent during 100 hrs. against most Chemical Warfare agents (CWA) The System is designed for:
Protection against biological warfare agents dispersed in solid powder or aerosol form including Anthrax. Protection against all blister, nerve and poisonous gases used in chemical warfare or terrorist actions. Protection of radioactive Iodine gas and dust. (no protection is given to radiation from nuclear substances). Internal over-pressure inside the air shelters is min. 250 Pascal Quick set-up time of a complete system including the accessories can be doen with 4 persons in 15 min. Against the background of the danger from terrorist attacks, the need for measurements to protect large numbers of people is becoming increasingly important. For this purpose we supply the COLPRO protective air shelters. The largest COLPRO system can offer protection for up to 100 people.

The Airshelter IV is inflatable and self-supporting The CBRN Air Filter Units (AFU) have an air flow of 300 m3/ h and create an overpressure in the tent that prevents contaminated external air from entering. An air conditioning (A/C)system ensures a supply of filtered fresh air and keeping the humidity low. Rigid Airlocks (AL) can be zipped to the outside of the tent.

colpro FSingle piece shelter with inflatable frame consisting of three separate beams coupled by aluminium support struts for optimal stability.
The frame is outfitted with suspension points where the over pressurized Colpro inner liner can be mounted. A separate inner ground sheet is supplied to avoid puncturing and wear and tear of the Colpro liner by walking on it.
An airlock provides access to the Toxic Free Area, or TFA. A CBRN Air Filter Unit, or CBRN AFU, provides breathable air for personnel inside. The shelter and inner liner can be put in a carrying bag, are stored the airlock, which also functions as storage and transport box.