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Medical tent

All our tents can be used as medical tent in a mobile hospital, but some are specially designed as medical tent. They have features like:

Hygienic inner tent, translucent cover material or translucent roof to avoid decolourization of the patient's skin during observation, detachable groundsheet for better cleaning, netting at the roof for versatile hanging medical equipment.

The width of the tent (605 cm.) is large enough to put two beds opposite of each other with a walkway in the middle. We supply several floorings to provide a rigid floor for rolling materials like hospital beds with 200 kg./m2 floor load. Sunroofs for tropical area's. All tents can be easily connected to each other by taking out the door and zipping in a connection sheet on both tents.

There are special docking tents or connection tents to be used as sluice or simply to enlarge the camp in 90 degrees directions. Each of connection tents can connect to any other tent in four directions. They can even connected to our widest (650 cm.) medical tents Airshelter IV and Airshelter VIII. On request we can also supply our shelters with side doors to make smaller connections or exits on the side.

Special longitude and cross wards partitioning curtains can be suspended to the roof. ACD is supplying turn-key field hospitals, if necessary a field camp include:

sanitair equipment, beds, medical operational equipment, environmental equipment like heater HVAC, HEPA filter, water supply, lighting, beds, bench, closet, sink, toilet, water heater, etc.

We design a medical field hospital lay-out according your patient scenario.