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euroshelter viiiThe Euroshelter VIII is available in green and tan both having the same characteristics and capabilities. The Euroshelter VIII is 9 m. long and 6 m wide for a total of 54 m2 set-up. The Euroshelter VIII can be connected in an “I,” “T,” and “H” shape. The Euroshelter VIII has four (4) windows and four (4) sleeves to accept air conditioning ducts and power cables.

  • Euroshelter VIII
  • The deployed dimensions of a Euroshelter VIII tent are 9.00m x 6.00m at the ground level, and 3.00m in ridge tile
  • The area of an Euroshelter VIII tent is 54sqm
  • 1. Erection time: Less than 5 min with 3 people