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The Airshelter Trendline system is specially developed to provide first responders with the equipment they need and when they need it on short notice. Because of the modular build of the Trendline Airshelters, the delivery time will be short.

Airshelter Trendline

Airshelter Trendline TL20 Airshelter Trendline TL30

"Flexibility combined with speed"

When disaster strikes, or help is needed on site fast, the Airshelter Trendline is your answer. Lightweight, easy to store and transport and short setup times. Keeping the hands free to do the job you came for.
The systems is also very suitable as temporary housing, shelter, command post. Anytime you need a complete setup for only a short period of time, the Trendline shelters provide all you need.

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The Airshelter Trendline Series is versatile and made to fit your purpose. Its inner width of 5.46 cm makes it possible to fit two beds opposed to each other leaving almost 1.5 meters in between for personnel passing through. Also the distance between the arches is based on existing proportions.


Like bricks

airshelter  trendline like bricksThe Airshelter Trendline Shelters are as easy to setup as toy bricks. No special knowledge is required for setup. There's no need for specially trained personnel.

The Airshelter Trendline system is an easy system. Airshelter 'Trendline' sizes are standardized to make alle shelters fit together. Also connection sheets are available to connect the Trendline shelters to other types of Airshelter and Euroshelter


  • Airshelter Trendline Modules are inflated in less then 3 minutes.
  • Airshelter Trendline Modules allow automatic deployment.
  • Airshelter Trendline Modules are equiped with built in safety valves.
  • Airshelter Trendline Modules stay up for several days without reinflating.
  • Airshelter Trendline Modules are available in different colors.
  • Airshelter Trendline Modules can be connected to all other Airshelter models.


airshelter trendline TL20 frame airshelter trendline TL30 frame airshelter trendline TL40 frame
airshelter trendline TL50 frame airshelter trendline TL60 frame airshelter TL connect

Technical specifications

  TL20 TL30 TL40 TL50 TL60 AIR CON
Number of arches 3 4 5 6 7 4
Outside length cm 370 550 730 910 1100 660
Outside width cm 605 605 605 605 605 660
Outside height cm 325 325 325 325 325 325
Inside length cm 370 550 730 910 1100 660
Inside width cm 546 546 546 546 546 660
Inside height cm 295 295 295 295 295 295

Available colors

The Airshelter Trendline is available in various colors. Also your color!

acd airshelter trendline colour chart 1