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Airshelter TL Trendline

The Airshelter TrendLine is the most successful in the range. It has a long standing reputation for giving shelter at rescue sites or in any situation where time or manpower is of critical importance. They are known for their easy handling, durability and lightweight nature. There is a wide range in length sizes, all TrendLine shelters are having the same width, making them easy connectable with their front doors.

The Airshelter Trendline system is specially developed to provide first responders with the equipment they need and when they need it on short notice. Because of the modular build of the Trendline Airshelters, the delivery time will be short.

Airshelter Trendline

Airshelter Trendline TL20 Airshelter Trendline TL30

"Flexibility combined with speed"

When disaster strikes, or help is needed on site fast, the Airshelter Trendline is your answer. Lightweight, easy to store and transport and short setup times. Keeping the hands free to do the job you came for.
The systems is also very suitable as temporary housing, shelter, command post. Anytime you need a complete setup for only a short period of time, the Trendline shelters provide all you need.

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