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ACD is a sole source provider of rescue and emergency shelters, Decontamination Systems and CBRN Colpro protection equipment.

We supplied to over 40 countries worldwide All our equipment is in house developed and manufactured to assure the specific requirements and quality needed for maximum safety. We have a strong presence in the world of Decontamination and CBRN. We work in close cooperation with many national Laboratories and Government agencies in this field.


Shelters of ACD sets the standard being the first on the market with features such as water belts translucent roof, integrated shower systems and medical colour schemes. Our inflatable tents are rigorously tested and preferred as field hospitals, command posts or NBC Colpro stations by a considerable number of Rescue-, Nato-Forces and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Decontamination showers

Decontamination showers are used to decontaminate large numbers of people, in the event of chemical disaster, industrial, accidental or terrorist attack contamination by toxic, infective, caustic, polluted, or otherwise unhealthful or damaging substances. It's also referred to as "Mass Decon". Before these people leave the site they need to be washed and cleaned so no contamination is taken with them to spread all over the area.


In every corner of the globe, the NBC - or now more commonly known as CBRN terrorism debate appears to be escalating and in the event of an incident every country has a critical interest in protecting its individuals against the effects of chemical warfare agents (CWA).